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form and space of possibilityForm and Space of Possibility, 2017
"The arched grid-like pattern of wall plates, placed against scatterred screw heads, beautifuly explores volume and order through capacity. Yehia's graceful composition createsthe impression of three-dimentionality in an infinite environment, and and elegant unification can be felt through her use of color, in the centraized geometric element." -- Apero Catalogue, E.E. Jacks curator, Unbound, January 2018. Web.


PhenomenaPhenomena, 2017
"Phenomena" can be interpreted as sheet music. And/or as a song. And/or as a painting. In any case, it is an object that invites the viewer to participate in the construction of meaning and the birth of art. If one chooses musical terminology as their prism, they can imagine: rhythmic groupings and subdivisions; chord progressions, textures and colors; melodies; accents and embellishments; dynamics; motifs and themes. These imaginings can be born through literal attribution and focused dissection, and/or they can enjoy a more fluid and non-verbal existence as the creator settles into the repetition of a churning, infectious groove while soaring with an arcing melodic gesture.” -- Aziz Yehia, January 2018


awakeningAwakening, 2017
"This memorable work certainly ‘awakens’ the mind to universal experiences, that are comprised of individual moments. The ‘connective’ nature of this piece, is conveyed through the perceptive use of color by Yehia. Her palette also portrays a sense of ‘process’, and perhaps forward movement, past contrasting ideas, and into a more cohesive ideology." -- Apero Catalogue, E.E. Jacks curator, Introspection, July 2017. Web.


geometriesGeometries, 2017
"The gentle watercolor-like hues, and colors in this nuanced work by artist Laurie Yehia, give this piece lyrical, and poetic, dimension. This aesthetic gem, guides the eyes in. From the outer corners of muted tones, to its upward vision of a kaleidoscopic dive, this work elevates the intellect. An awareness of ‘acquaintanceship’ can also be felt, in this permeating work." -- Apero Catalogue, E.E. Jacks curator, Surrounding, June 2017. Web.


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